WHY take a year off from running, anyway?

 From 100 marathons to a YEAR with NO running

Hello, my name is Mara, and I’m a RUNAHOLIC – notice the my name is also the first 4 letters in the word “MARA-THON“, so I believe there may have been a spell cast over me at birth.  Over my life I’ve now run 100 marathons, 5 full Ironman races & 3 70.3 distance triathlons, along with countless 5ks, 10ks, and random other distances.  I can readily admit that I am addicted to running.  I can also readily admit that my body may not hold out much longer on the pavement and if I can’t get my endorphin fix in each day my friends & family may notice a “shift” in my personality (not in a good way).

Rather than waiting for my shins, knees or hips to decide for me that I can’t run anymore, I’m taking matters into my own hands (or feet).  I figure after 100 marathons, it’s good to take a break, so I will spend the next year exploring other means of exercise.  Swimming, yoga, strength training, speed walking, those crazy TV workouts like P90X & Insanity….I hope to find many different ways to get my fix and be in better shape this time next year without running at all. I’d also like to still be happily married & have friends left at the end!

I am open to suggestions so if anyone knows a great workout please share!


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