No photos, please.

13 Mar

I am now in week 5 of my P90 *almost* X challenge (the DVD set I have is missing the yoga DVD, so I swim instead on those days).  Last week was actually a bit of a test for me – a rest week.  Having one that isn’t trailing a marathon just doesn’t seem “earned” to me, so I had to put my faith in Tony Horton to know what he was doing.  After all, the people on the videos look pretty good.  Of course, when something called core synergistics is included twice it’s not a couch potato kind of rest week, and I still had to burn some cardio calories to keep my mood straight.

This includes my weekly long swim, that has reached a nice 6000-8000 yards and is a nice mind-cleanser as well as a workout.   I had to practice some mood control on Saturday when after 75 little yards the entire pool was cleared out due to a “chemical imbalance” (those damn kids parties) & we were informed the pool would be closed for at least an hour, probably more.  My sanity was only on edge until I was able to confirm a babysitter for the Sunday afternoon lap session & the pool was back in balance by then.  Phew!

I admit that I’m not always the best student with regards to the at-home workouts, but I am doing my best with this one.  I’d say my biggest flaws would be using workout bands of mystery tension instead of installing a pull-up bar, swimming rather than finding a yoga class (and lets face it, it’s the North Shore – there’s a yoga class around here every hour), favoring chocolate milk over the official recovery drink and REFUSING to give up my bakery treats.  There is one other step that I choose to skip along this journey and that was the BEFORE pictures.  See, in the instructional DVD, Mr. Horton tells you all the equipment you would need for the workouts (including that pull-up bar) and tells you to take a set of BEFORE photos in several different poses.

My problem is that there are  reasons  these are the BEFORE photos – and for these reasons I was not about to take pictures of myself in a sports bra & tight shorts without a strategically placed sarong.  Now that I’m 5 weeks in, however, I’m starting to wonder if anything looks different and wish I’d taken those damn photos.  I mean, I’m no push-up queen yet (as yesterdays attempts at the one-arm goodies will tell you), but Plyometrics has become much more tolerable than it was the first week.  I truly believe that despite my best efforts to sabotage it with peanut butter cookies, this stuff might be working.

I guess I’m at a point where I can at least get some photos taken and see where it goes from here, but whenever I’m considering taking the shots in the bathroom mirror I can’t help reaching for a towel to drape just so.  Maybe next week.

Keep moving!


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