Welcome to the New Year!

04 Jan

Let’s see, last time I posted I believe I was about to take my first Zumba class.  Shame to say, not much has changed!  The day I was to go to class, I was challenged with a car that wouldn’t start, so it turned into a nice walking day instead.  I am registered for the same class tomorrow, fingers crossed my transportation won’t let me down this time!  (In the good old days, I might have run to the class….)

Proud to say I seemed to make it through the holidays without weight gain or crazy mood swings (I don’t think Jeff would argue that….).  This is due in no small part to the support of my family in seeing that I got ample time at the pool, on the home workout machines, or walking, and also to the stealth location of my sister’s Christmas cookies.  I kept forgetting about the freezer in her garage!

My swims have been up to 8000 yards, but during the week I’m trying to relax a bit and keep them at 3000-4000 as a bonus workout.  Each day I’ve been mixing it up with fast inclined walking on the treadmill while holding free weights.  I’m far from scientific about it, in that I’ll wave them around like pom-poms during a good song until the muscles start to burn.  I guess it’s time to get serious and start in on those P90X dvds.  Just need to figure out how to use them.

So, once again, Zumba tomorrow.  Will whine about it here later.

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