Another Zumba Tryout

11 Jan

It has become apparent to me that not all Zumba is created equal.  Just as with yoga, you really need to find a routine and teacher that will suit you.  After last week’s post about my attempt (which included a comment about it not being strenuous enough), I got an invite from a friend to be a guest at the class she teaches at Lifetime Fitness.  She assured me it wasn’t so much about the dancing and since there were no mirrors in the gym I didn’t have to worry about how goofy I looked if I couldn’t see it myself.

The class is obviously popular since it filled the gym and I notice that like marathons, there are people of all ages, shapes & sizes participating.  Also like in marathons, you cannot judge someone’s ability by their size & shape.  This was no more obvious than when you see the woman in her 8th month of pregnancy moving along, or the little toddler up in front with her mom that has the perfect squat positon.

I *think* I kept the steps better this time; but let’s not forget without a mirror I may never know!  They seemed to be more about the movement and not as much hip shaking & chest shimmies, which suits me perfectly.  At any rate, what I did do had me sweating, breathing hard & actually enjoying myself.  While I wasn’t a BIG fan of the end-of-workout lunges, I do appreciate them & I’m sure I won’t be forgetting them over the next couple days.  Certainly an hour of good effort!


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