Out of Town Temptations

18 Jan

As a runner, I have never found it to be a challenge to get in a workout when I travel.  After all, there’s really nothing very complicated about tying your shoes, picking a direction and just moving.  Of course a little research before never hurts – always check with a concierge or someone local about sketchy neighborhoods to avoid or decent bakeries for “carbo-loading”.

That being the case, I’ve hardly used hotel gyms, but this past weekend broke my years-long streak.  We were in Orlando for a quick visit and I was able to get in my endurance workout with a long swim on Friday before we left, so I felt fine taking the day off on Saturday.  Sunday was spent walking around the parks (Universal, we’re all about Harry Potter these days!).  I considered being on my feet for most of 12 hours & occasionally holding Sam was giving me enough of a workout for the day.  Monday was a travel day & since I’ve learned the flights *might* change I always try to get a workout in before leaving,  This meant being in the fitness room at 6am, which was fine.  The problem was to get to the fitness room at our hotel, you had to walk outside for a bit which allowed me to breathe in the crisp, easy-to-run-in air, and though it was still dark, there were at least 3 runners that went by in the minute I was outside.  As I checked into the fitness room and hit the “incline up” button on the treadmill I couldn’t help but wonder for a second how easy it would be to just jog around the lake a few times.  It’s not like someone I know would see me, right?

Then again, as karma goes, it was likely that I would run into someone.  And the little voice inside my head (you know, that pain in the ass know-it–all one?) kept saying “You’d only be cheating yourself…”  so I plodded away on my make believe hills and even hit the weight machines for a bit.  I then later discovered that if you really want to work your glutes, share one of those huge “boardwalk bikes” (the kind with a big bench seat  & canopy) with your kid who can’t reach the pedals.  See how those inclines treat you.



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