90 Days down…what next?

21 May

For the record, my lack of writing DOES NOT reflect a similar circumstance in the fitness effort.  It is, in fact, the working out that has gotten in the way of writing.  In order to be sure I had enough time to complete the P90X workouts (75-105 minutes each day), plus whatever kind of cardio I felt was required, I was getting up around 5:15 to get it done before getting my son up for school.   I would love to sleep later but I have become a “workout first thing” type of person.  I am simply too anxious if the day starts to get away from me without having burned a few hundred calories to start it off.  (Too many times I think I can schedule it for later and THAT is the day the car breaks down & costs me those precious hours.)  Of course, what this leads to is when I find a bit of time during the day to write, I inevitably choose to conserve energy – all types – by leaving the laptop off and taking a nap before it’s time to pick up the boy from school.

Status report is good – I have COMPLETED the P90X!  My overall review is that I really liked it and while I still refuse to take pictures, I do think there is some change in appearance.  I am sure there is an increase in strength, since part of the program is to write down everything you do.  It’s been my challenge each workout to get at least one more rep or lift a bit more weight than the last time so I know I’m either improving or I was seriously dogging it 3 months ago.  Of course, I remember being a very sore sack for those first few weeks so I doubt it.

Another reason I enjoyed the program is that you can do it at home (i.e. no audience – some of us have stage fright in the gym….or simply don’t like the smell), and you can modify as you need it.  I wasn’t ashamed to be doing most of my push-ups on knees in the beginning, and I’m proud of how many more are on toes now.  I’m not sure if I’d feel as proud if I had to work out next to “Suzie Fitness” the entire time, since I have an awful habit of comparing myself to everyone.  It’s best to compare myself to the sorry lump I was 3 months ago and give myself a good pat on the back.  (Now that I’ve been doing that damn yoga, I can reach all kinds of spots!)

So even though I was getting a little bored with the program (and certainly had all of Tony Horton’s jokes memorized), I am actually tempted to repeat it and see where those numbers go in the push-ups.  However, this year is supposed to be trying different things, so I’ll be moving on.  A fellow fitness freak & triathlete I know from my Ironman days suggested the Cross-fit method about 12 hours before a Groupon popped up for such classes nearby.  Bought the classes & now I just need to stop hiding in front of the DVD player and get myself back out to moving with people.  Really hope “Suzie” isn’t next to me.

Keep moving!

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