The easy days…

29 Nov

It’s a blustery “raw” (as described in the forecast), cold day – just the type that keeps me from missing running.  Never a big fan of the treadmill, it’s always running outside that has been the big draw for me.  However, the weather around here from about now through April is not the kind that draws me out.  I had no problem today pounding out an hour on the eliptical while watching random bits flying around our backyard.

Coming up on a full month without a run and I found that swimming is a good substitute.  Of course, I find that if it appears I may not get a chance to swim I get antsy, and have already taken to setting the alarm early on Saturdays since lap swim ends at 10am.  It does start up again at 1, but if the day gets away from me and the swim doesn’t happen, it’s just like the old days when I couldn’t get my run in.  In short, I seem to have replaced one addiction with another so I’m not quite sure if I’d made any progress in controlling my mental state without the influence of a cardio workout.  I have, however, made great progress in the fading of my swimsuit.

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